The intern again, putting in her last ridiculous input. Traveling for business is full of great tax deductibles, but I was thinking, why not more? There's lots of great things that are already tax deductible--food, lodging, car rental, airfare, tram and bus tickets (I LOVE riding trams!), but honestly, we could do better. First of [...]

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Why Millennials Care About Taxes – A Young Millennial’s Perspective

I'm a 19 year old student interning with Chris for the semester. I thought I'd sneak in my own thoughts for a week and answer the question pressing on everyone's minds... Why do millennials care about taxes? We don’t. In fact, we have an aversion to all things taxes. Why is that? Us millennials, we were [...]

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Identity Theft

Michigan ranks in the top ten! …in identity theft. This past week three clients contacted me asking if the IRS phone call to them was real.  The short answer was no… it was a scam.  Michigan is actually one of the top ten in the nation in identity theft. I even had a fake Santa [...]

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Tax Deductible?

Santa is getting ready for his meeting with Chris, and he knows he’ll need some energy to keep him sharp. Lenell brings milk and cookies for him, but he reveals his secret to staying energized—energy drinks! He wonders whether they’re tax deductible… he needs to talk to Chris… Santa Claus is a bad [...]

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Santa After Christmas

Santa has to get his taxes done... and who else would he go to for help besides Chris Micklatcher?     Santa is an expert at making toys and spreading joy, but when it comes to doing his taxes, he's lost. He needs an expert to help his business get through tax season, [...]

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What kind of documentation is required for your tax return?

I will not go through everything you need for documenting expenses on your tax return, but I will touch on a few. Did you know you can deduct mileage for charitable activity, going to the hospital or doctor's office, and even unreimbursed employee travel? Yup, you can. A good resource for the recordkeeping requirements is [...]

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