Need an Unfiled Tax Solution?

Need an Unfiled Tax Solution?

Apply for interest abatement in Battle Creek, MI

Were you unable to file your tax return due to a serious illness or natural disaster? An outstanding tax balance will collect interest and penalties. If you’re facing the consequences of an unfiled tax return, Fresh Start Tax Solutions of Battle Creek, MI can help. Interest abatement may be an option for you if certain circumstances prevented you from filing your tax returns on time.

These circumstances include:
  • Serious illness or death
  • Fire or natural disaster
  • Criminal acts committed against you

If you have a reasonable cause for failing to file a tax return, you can apply for interest abatement. Don’t delay when you’re penalized for an unfiled tax return. Reach out to an experienced CPA at Fresh Start Tax Solutions.

Rely on a tax attorney to prove you qualify for interest abatement

With over two decades of experience, our tax attorney is qualified to help you apply for interest abatement. Contact Fresh Start Tax Solutions of Battle Creek, MI today to get started.