Resolving Tax Disputes

Resolving Tax Disputes 2017-03-14T09:53:22+00:00

tax lawEvery person or business that pays taxes has reason to be wary of the IRS. If you or your company face an audit or have not paid taxes, these problems can cause anxiety, stress and even fear. Take control over your situation. For over 25 years we have guided many clients to positive resolutions to serious tax problems. Our law firm serves clients in all types of tax matters, including the following:

IRS audits: An audit is much more than an inconvenience. We will closely examine your records and help you determine the appropriate strategy going forward. If you do have unpaid taxes, we can help you work out an arrangement to pay your past due balance.

IRS liens and levies: If the IRS has issued a lien or a levy against you or your property, it has substantial leverage over you. We can help you negotiate a satisfactory result.

Unpaid business and payroll taxes: Unpaid business and payroll taxes can sink a business quickly. We can help your company look for an acceptable resolution. We also prepare tax returns for people and businesses who have not filed all their taxes. Our law firm can also help you seek an acceptable compromise with the IRS.

Settlements and compromises: Our law firm has negotiated many installment plans and offers in compromise on behalf of our clients. With our experience, you can trust that we will help you seek the most favorable terms possible.

If you are being investigated by law enforcement in relation to alleged tax problems, or if you have already been charged, our law firm can defend you. We also prepare tax returns for businesses and individuals.