The intern again, putting in her last ridiculous input.

Traveling for business is full of great tax deductibles, but I was thinking, why not more?

There’s lots of great things that are already tax deductible–food, lodging, car rental, airfare, tram and bus tickets (I LOVE riding trams!), but honestly, we could do better.

First of all, food needs to be 100% deductible.

Right now, it’s only 50%, and that’s just not enough. Of all the things needed on a business trip, food is the most important, so let’s reflect that in the deductions allowed, right?

Clothing should be deductible.

What if you stain your $1000 tailored suit and need to go buy a new one so you don’t look stupid in that super important business meeting? Or even worse, what if you lose all your baggage on the flight? I get that attire has to be ordinary and necessary to be deductible, so suits don’t really count, but I would make an exception for traveling.

Experiencing local adventures should be deductible.

My dad travels to Chattanooga, Tennessee for work quite often–there’s an award-winning aquarium in town, and a sweet rock-climbing wall. There’s an art museum in the art district, and a botanical wonderland on top of Lookout Mountain, in a town actually called Fairyland. These things are immersive experiences of the culture he’s traveling to, and expenses like these should be a natural part of business traveling.

And with that, I think I’m all set! I’m going to get myself into the coffee business, and travel the world to find great single-origin coffee for my business, and the best part is that my expenses (at least the normal ones) will be tax deductible. Java, here I come!

Here’s the list of actual deductions for business traveling, if you’re at all interested: Traveling Deductions

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